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technical smokedrawing EIS-2

Fire resistance door class EI

System Schröders EIS-2

Double-leaf fire resistance door EI2 60 / E60 / EW 60 (Sa/S200)

Fire resistance EI2 60 / E60 / EW 60
tested in accordance with EN 1634-1
classification report WFRC 302467 according to EN 13501-2  
Smoke control
(Sa/S200) tested according to EN 1634-3
classification report WFRC 302467 according to EN 13501-2  
Thermal transmittance

UD-Wert ≥ 2.8 W/(m²K) according to EN ISO 10077-1

according to EN 12207, up to class 3
Resistance to wind load
according to EN 12210, up to class C4
according to EN 12208, up to class 3A
Ability to release
Resistance to positive and negative pressure
up to 3,800 Pa
Technical data
Standard dimensions
Width from 1,275 mm to 3,000 mm
heigth from 1,875 mm to 3,000 mm
Door leaf Leaf thickness 68 / 69 mm - smooth, double-walled, galvanized or optional stainless steel
plate thickness up to 1.5 mm
  • isulation inlay optional covered with a fully adhering cover sheet, to result in a super smooth and flat door leaf
  • "Thelesol110" fire protection strip on the door leaf edges
Door frame Door frames „System Schröders“
(see installation variants)

optional with elastic smoke control seal
corner frame profile, three, or optional four sided wraparound frame option
  • door leaf and frame optional in stainless steel
Glass dimensions variable, max. 942 x 2,155 mm
minimum frieze width: 130 mm
  • optional cross bars
Floor seal Required for smoke control, increased air tightness, driving rain tightness
  • optional lowering floor seal or
  • four­sided frame seal
Lock options Swing door panel
latch lock according to EN 12209
profile cylinder prefab (cylinder on-site)
  • optional with multiple interlock
  • optional with panic lock
fixed door panel
Inside safety latch (closing towards the top)
  • optional rebate cremone bolt with up or downward locking bolt
  • optional lock(s) with panic lock
    cremone lock
securing bolts on both door panels
Hardware / fittings Swing door panel
  • optional any appropriate lever handle set
  • optional panic push­bar

both leaves with door closers according to EN 1154, door coordinator device

both leaves with 2/3 ­piece KO ­door hinges
with patented easy-running bearings as easy running doors
or with ball bearing spacers

optional hinge with 3D adjustability

  • optional swing door opener according to EN 1155
- in masonry
- in concrete
- in fire proof mounting walls, at least F60
- ­in steel columns or beams covered, at least F60
  • optional blunt mount between the recesses
  • ­additional safety equipment possible
    (magnetic contact, bolt contact, electric door opener)
  • with door closers
  • thick rebate design (development in progress)
  • stainless steel
  • protective kick plates ≤ 1.5 mm on the door panel
  • door panel covered with laminates or genuine wood veneer ≤ 1.5 mm
  • additional versions upon request