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Technische Zeichnung ISN-2

Internal door ISN-2

System Schröders ISN-2

Double-leaf internal steel door

according to ENV 14351-2

Thermal transmittance

UD-Wert ≥ 1.2 W/(m²K) according to EN ISO 10077-1

Behaviour between different climates according to EN 12219 (deflection) class 2 (d + e)
according to EN 12207, up to class 3
Resistance to wind load
according to EN 12210, up to class C4
according to EN 12208, up to class 3A
Ability to release
Resistance to positive and negative pressure
up to 3,800 Pa
Performance characteristics of external doors combinable with further door types System Schröders
Burglar resistance
according to EN 1627 ff, up to class RC4 (e.g. "ESN-2")  
Acoustic performance
up to RW (C;Ctr) = 48 (-1;-5) dB*
according to EN ISO 10140-1 / EN ISO 10140-2 / EN ISO 717-1 (e.g. "ESN-2")
* depending on size, see assessment 820SST298-Hrd - TÜV Nord (de)
Technical data
standard dimensions
with performance characteristic airtightness, wind load, driving rain respectively positive / negative pressure determined to
width up to 2,500 mm
heigth up to 2,500 mm
with overhead panel height max. 3,500 mm
Door leaf leaf thickness 68 / 69 mm - smooth, double-walled
plate thickness 1.0 mm to 1.5 mm
Overhead panel optional fixed overhead panel
Door frame door frame "ZNG" or "ZG"
seal determined by performace characteristics
  • elastic rubber seal
  • silicone seal
corner frame, optional closed frame
glass dimensions variable
minimum frieze width: 90 mm
optional cross bars
optional with porthole
Floor seal
determined by performance characteristics
  • without seal
  • retractable bottom seal
  • compression seal
Lock options varying locking systems possible
Hardware / fittings

varying fittings possible

both leaves with 2/3 ­piece KO ­door hinges
with patented easy-running bearings as easy running doors
or with ball bearing spacers

optional hinge with 3D adjustability

  • in masonry
  • in concrete
  • in aereated concrete
  • in stud walls
  • in special walls
  • optional blunt mount
Options ­additional safety equipment possible
  • (­magnetic contact, bolt contact, electric door opener)
  • with door closers
thick rebate design
stainless steel finish
further version on request
Marking CE-Zeichen marked according to ENV 14351-2
Performance characteristics combinable with further door types
System Schröders
Burglar resistance RC1 up to RC4 (e.g. "ESN-2")
Acoustic performance up to 42 (-1;-4) dB (e.g. "SN-2")